To celebrate the unique diversity of nature, culture, and landscape of the Atherton Tablelands through art, literature, science; and ensure this evolutionary “Garden of Eden” is conserved for future generations.


The uniquely rich ecological and cultural fabric of the Atherton Tablelands has inspired authors, artists, and scientists from across the world, nurturing a unique natural history movement in art and science that deserves to be more widely known. Taking its inspiration from Breeden & Cooper’s ‘Visions of a Rainforest’, and Leopold’s ‘A Sand County Almanac’, the Atherton Tablelands Foundation [ATF] has been established to help conserve this amazing landscape, especially through promoting, celebrating, and fostering the work of conservationists and natural historians, past, present, and future. It intends to raise substantial funds to endow a range of initiatives, which will include: projects to draw attention to the amazing biodiversity of the Atherton Tablelands; cooperative conservation of landscapes and material culture; prizes in natural history and art; bursaries for research, writing, artworks, and performance; and establishment of an ‘Australian Eden Centre’ to curate and present the immense diversity of the region for the wider community.